GC Solar

“For A Better Environment”

Businesses and agencies are yearning to shift from coal, natural gas and fossel fuel to clean solar photovoltaics. In 2014, even the US Government took note and declared Global Warming as a Threat to National Security! (link)

The good news….Many corporations and government offices have already incorporated solar PV.  Timing is perfect.  Grid Parity has already occurred in many US states where solar power is less costly than grid power.  Join us and create your own energy solution!

GCS utilizes a host of technological tools to develop commercial photovoltaic rooftop powerplants.  The process begins using an electronic Sunshade Camera.  With GPS, fisheye lens, compass and sun position charts, the camera calculates available solar energy at that exact sampling location.  This information is then used to layout optimum solar footprints in the design phase of system development.

Autocadd LT enables us to then precisely draw our solar systems onto Architectural/Mechanical/Electrical DWG files provided by our Clients.  Final design documents are created for permitting and jurisdictional plan review by Cities, Counties and State agencies.

PVWATTS and Sunpower’s PVSim energy modeling allows us to model highly accurate kilowatt-hour estimation of any solar PV system without spending a penny and as part of a pre-planning design development phase.

“Pulsing Technology” We “pulse” technical and financial prediction journals/articles for keeping up-to-date with the latest electrical theories, electrical equipment, industry breakthroughs and financial trends.  Magazines like “Solar Pro”,“Home Power”, “Reneweconomy” provide excellent technology transfer information.

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